For our people, we are passionate about doing things right, whether that is offering competitive pay and rewards, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone, laying a clear path for development or guaranteeing a safe working environment.

For our customers, we provide opportunities for development, learning and growth through creating the very best events with opportunities to connect and with world-class, inspiring content. 

For the communities we work in, we look for ways to support them, whether that be through funding, lending our skills and expertise, or enabling our people to volunteer. 

We are socially responsible

The nature of our business is that our work contributes to trade in cities across the world. Our events also have the potential to influence some significant industries and tackle important topics such as agriculture, oil and gas and, more recently, education technology.

We are ethical

Integrity is core to our values and we actively promote this in our dealings with colleagues, shareholders, customers and suppliers and with the authorities of the countries in which we operate. We regularly review our policies on bribery and human rights.

We value ethics in terms of giving a quality product to our customers and ensuring the highest quality of service in all events and locations. This is highlighted by the investment we have made throughout the last few years into show operations including health and safety and event content.

We are environmentally conscious

Due to the industries we are involved in through our events, we have the power to contribute to positive change throughout the world and some of its largest industries.