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Human rights

A key component of our strategy is the way we manage our people. To demonstrate this in practice, we are committed to treating our employees, wherever they work world-wide, with dignity and respect.

Human rights

We recognise that we operate in many different markets with diverse cultures and we respect those differences whilst being committed to support and uphold the provision of basic human rights and eliminate discriminatory practices. We respect the dignity of all individuals, and seek to enable all of our employees to perform and deliver their best work by accepting and valuing different talents, experiences and backgrounds.

Hyve’s Human Rights Policy emphasises our commitment to basic human rights in the way we do business. We support our employees in creating and maintaining a work culture which prohibits forced labour and ensures the provision of human rights to all employees. This Policy also provides for maintaining an environment which fosters open and direct communication between managers and employees as the most effective way to work together for the resolution of differences, and respects employees’ rights to participate in collective bargaining via unions should they so choose.

The Policy applies to all Hyve employees wherever they work world-wide and Hyve encourages third parties who do business with us to conduct business in ways that reflect the principles of this policy.

Hyve is committed to maintaining a working environment that respects and supports the provision of basic human rights to all its employees world-wide, to the extent permitted by law and, specifically:

  • Prohibits any employment of children below the school leaving age
  • Prohibits the company forcing employees to work overtime, work excessive hours, or during religious holidays or prayer times
  • Provides a safe, healthy and secure working environment for all its employees
  • Acknowledges that employees may wish to participate in union arrangements if they choose

Employees should report any behaviour that violates this policy. It should be reported through Hyve’s Grievance Procedure or brought to the direct attention of their line manager or, if for any reason that is impractical, the Group HR Director.

Hyve employees are required to uphold the elimination of discriminatory practices in the workplace as outlined in our Equal Opportunities Policy or the equivalent policy in each territory. Hyve will create a positive experience for all employees offering participation, equity and accessibility.

Mark Shashoua

Chief Executive Officer

Hyve Group Limited