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Empowering women, driving equality

Empowering women, driving equality

Hyve launches women's employee resource group, WIN, championing gender equality

In a proactive move towards fostering gender equality and inclusivity within its global teams, Hyve has announced the launch of its Women's Inclusion Network (WIN). The initiative comes as part of Hyve's commitment to supporting everyone to thrive, regardless of gender, and addressing barriers faced by women in the workplace and beyond. 

The establishment of WIN aligns with International Women's Day, celebrated annually on March 8th. The group's mission is "to give the women of Hyve a voice and platform to reach their full potential, drive equality both within the business and in the industries we work across, promote intersectionality and raise awareness of barriers experienced by women in the workplace and beyond." 

The inception of WIN was spearheaded by Alexandra Constantine, Client Engagement Manager, and Emily Bowen, Attendee Experience Manager. Both Alexandra and Emily, inspired by the success of Hyve's existing employee resource groups, Pryde and EmbRACE, took the initiative to create a space specifically tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing women in the workplace. 

Alexandra Hyve's commitment to diversity and inclusion is unwavering, and the establishment of WIN marks another significant step towards fostering an environment where all employees feel empowered and supported.
Alexandra Constantine
Client Engagement Manager & WIN Co-chair

The synergy between the employee resource groups was evident from the start, as Pryde, EmbRACE, and WIN collaborated on a cross-ERG panel addressing intersectionality, showcasing Hyve's holistic approach towards diversity and inclusion. 

Since its inception, WIN has wasted no time in making an impact. In its first few months, the group has hosted a launch event, organised two insightful talks—one focusing on financial literacy and the other on balancing parenting with work—launched a podcast, and facilitated mentoring opportunities. 

Emily We believe that by providing a platform for open dialogue, mentorship, and resource sharing, we can empower women within Hyve to excel in their careers and contribute to an even more inclusive workplace culture.
Emily Bowen
Attendee Experience Manager & WIN Co-chair
Nikki We’re so fortunate here at Hyve to have such compassionate, intelligent, and inspiring colleagues who want to make a difference. Our job is empowering those individuals to act and providing the support and a safe space to facilitate that. I’m so proud of our WIN team and can’t wait to see what else they achieve.
Nikki Griffiths
Group Communications & ESG Director

Find out more about diversity and inclusion at Hyve here 

Nikki Griffiths