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27 Feb 24
Unlocking even more connections with the launch of new digital products at Bett
The 39th edition of Bett UK, the largest education technology show in the world, saw the launch of two new digital products and the expansion of its tech-enabled connections programme, Connect @ Bett.
12 Jun 23
The power of human connections in a post-pandemic world
New scientific report reveals lasting psychological effects of lockdown and the importance of in-person interaction in returning to a new normal
25 Apr 23
Fintech Meetup launches its first in-person event
Fintech Meetup launches its first in-person event, bringing the industry together and connecting them at scale through its meetings programme.
20 Apr 23
Bett successfully launches ground-breaking new meetings programme Connect @ Bett
This year, Bett UK experienced the biggest transformation in its 37-year history by launching Connect @ Bett.
04 Apr 23
A symphony of retail
Shoptalk returned to Las Vegas in March 2023 and delivered the largest meetings program in the history of the retail industry!
12 Apr 22
Hyve acquires Fintech Meetup
Our latest acquisition adds to Hyve's tech-enabled event portfolio, and introduces us to the exciting world of FinTech.
21 Dec 20
Acquisition of Retail Meetup
Accelerating Hyve's omnichannel strategy with latest addition to portfolio.
18 Dec 19
Acquisition of Shoptalk and Groceryshop
Two best-in-class products which support our evolution into a next generation events business focused on providing market-leading shows, globally.

The future of events.

We know, from our decades of experience, that nothing compares to in-person connections when it comes to getting inspired and doing business. We’re busy creating the next generation of events using data-driven insights and the latest technology to supercharge the opportunities we can provide to our customers.

The future of events.