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08 Mar 24
Empowering women, driving equality
Hyve launches women's employee resource group, WIN, championing gender equality
13 Nov 23
We need more women in retail
Shoptalk Meetup for Women was born out an undeniable need to champion diversity and propel more women into leadership roles across the global retail and brand ecosystem.
22 Nov 22
Hy, my name is Pasha
Meet Pasha Stupnytskiy, our brilliant Digital Product Manager and Co-chair of Pryde – Hyve’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group.
27 Oct 22
Our new partnership with Making the Leap
We are delighted to announce a brand new UK partnership with Making the Leap, an innovative grassroots societal change charity that aims to make a big difference.
30 Mar 22
"Inclusion is an action"
Our Chief of Staff, Jo Rabbett, talks about how we're empowering women at Hyve.
08 Mar 21
Krystina Gustafson on Shoptalk Meetup for Women
Krystina tells us about Shoptalk’s longstanding support for women in ecommerce and retail.

The future of events.

We know, from our decades of experience, that nothing compares to in-person connections when it comes to getting inspired and doing business. We’re busy creating the next generation of events using data-driven insights and the latest technology to supercharge the opportunities we can provide to our customers.

The future of events.