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Hyve India’s pledge to donate to educate

Hyve India’s pledge to donate to educate

For the past two years, our team in India has run a CSR initiative to promote environmental sustainability and to support education by distributing usable notebooks and pens, manufactured using recycled waste papers.

This year, the team continued their pledge to support the local communities by working with implementation agency, ‘Dream a Difference’ to contribute to the Indian governments initiative to achieve ‘Padhega India, Tabhi to Badhega India’ which means ‘India will study, then only India will progress’. The initiative aims to emphasise the importance of education and learning to ensure the country can develop and progress. 

To support this initiative, Hyve India has contributed towards the school fees of ten underprivileged children from the Manav Mandir Gurukul orphanage for the on-going academic year from September 2023 – March 2024. 

The orphanage, run by Manav Mandir Mission Trust, provides shelter to approximately 180 children. However, to fund their education the trust relies on support from arbitrary donors and sponsors each month. Occasionally, when the Trust is unable to find a donor to pay for the school fees, the children have no choice but to drop out of school part way through the year. 


In addition to supporting ten students from the orphanage, the Hyve India team has also provided all 180 children at the orphanage with essential stationary supplies to support their learning. Through their contribution the team aims to empower underprivileged students to foster academic growth and development. 

Gaurav Education is the foundation of empowerment and progress, and with this initiative, Hyve India aims to create a lasting impact on the underprivileged children who are aspiring students and have no family support or often have financial constraints.
Gaurav Sood
General Manager, India

At Hyve, we recognise our unique opportunity and responsibility to use our influence. We’re committed to giving back to and supporting those who live locally to our offices and to the events we run. This is just one example of how we are using our influence to educate, empower and drive positive change in local communities. 

Rebecca Howarth