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A feast of gratitude: Hyve’s Thanksgiving Potluck celebration

A feast of gratitude: Hyve’s Thanksgiving Potluck celebration

Our Hyve team in New York celebrated Thanksgiving with an amazing potluck, all while reflecting on what they were thankful for.

In the spirit of celebrating what we are grateful for and fostering camaraderie, the Hyve New York City office recently hosted a delightful company potluck, transforming the workplace into a space of culinary creativity and shared enjoyment. This event not only brought the warmth of the holiday season into the workplace but also provided an opportunity for colleagues to reflect on the things they are thankful for while indulging in a delightful spread of festive dishes.

The heart of the event was undoubtedly the diverse array of culinary delights contributed by Hyve's talented employees. From classic Thanksgiving staples like mashed potatoes, cornbread and stuffing to inventive and culturally inspired dishes, such as Pernil and Noodle Pudding, the potluck showcased not only the rich diversity of the company's workforce but the culinary talents and traditions of our employees. 

The Wall of Thanks


The Thanksgiving Potluck Celebration wasn't just about the food; it was an opportunity for employees to reflect, share and enjoy what they were thankful for, both personally and professionally. In alignment with the Potluck and the Holiday Season, the office created a “Wall of Thanks” as an opportunity for employees to write messages of gratitude. The wall was created as an outlet for employees to write what they are thankful for, recognize a colleague, or simply share something that brings joy to their life. By the end of the Potluck Celebrations, the wall was filled with thoughtful messages of gratitude. 

The event demonstrated that, much like a Thanksgiving meal, a strong team is built on the foundation of shared experiences, appreciation, and the joy of coming together. 

The Hyve Thanksgiving potluck was a resounding success, leaving everyone with a stomach full of food and heart full of thanks. 

Gabrielle Picca
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