Our industry-defining agenda, world-class speaker lineup and unique networking and collaboration programs as well as newly introduced Shoptalk Original Content ensure you’ll get smart about the technologies, trends and business models that continue to transform the sector globally. You’ll learn in both small and large groups as well as through engaging activations and experiences. Our formats—many of which are new for 2020—include groundbreaking sessions, peer roundtables, curated dinners, double opt-in one-to-one meetings, deep dives and case studies (new), immersive visual experiences (new), interactive audience sessions (new), industry frameworks (new) and rapid-fire debates (new).
Collectively, these activities help you and your organization grow, and serve as a catalyst for the retail revolution. Our unequaled Annual Retail Education Certificate helps you secure industry-wide recognition for investing in your professional development as well as in the digital future of retail. Almost 2,000 individuals earned their certificates in 2019.
Core to what makes our events so special is that we’re a vertically integrated technology and original content company. The resulting sessions, programs and experiences ensure that your voice is heard and that you get to hear other important perspectives. We make it easy for you to connect with your peers as well as potential new partners, and engage with diverse audiences.

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