These four values are our DNA. They define who we are, guide our decision-making, influence how we work with each other and our customers and help to differentiate us from other companies.


Brilliant Work

Outside Hyve we...
Set industry benchmarks.
Delivering exceptional quality, service & results every time.

Inside Hyve we...
Work to the highest standards. Bringing out the best in ourselves & in each other. Actively collaborating & celebrating success.

Rich Connections

Outside Hyve we…
Connect our customers & communities in powerful ways. Making a meaningful impact on their businesses. Building lasting relationships.

Inside Hyve we…
Connect with the wealth of talent inside the business.
Valuing every contribution.  Caring about the consequences of our actions.

Fresh Thinking

Outside Hyve we…
Are always relevant. Restless in pursuit of the next big thing.  Anticipating new challenges & possibilities before our competitors.

Inside Hyve we…
Embrace change.
Always looking for a better way. Seizing every opportunity to try new things, gain new experience & learn new skills.

Collective Buzz

Outside Hyve we…
Treat every show & touchpoint with equal passion. Inspiring people with our enthusiasm & creativity.

Inside Hyve we…
Love what we do.
Working with energy & pace. Each playing our part in making this a great place to work.

About Hyve

We are on a mission to spark connections, form communities, broaden horizons and enable opportunities for millions of people.


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