Freelance work/project platforms

We have been made aware of a number of projects being listed through freelance marketplaces which are unofficially using the Hyve brand name, logo and address. In addition, a fraudulent website located at is attempting to sell “Premium ID cards” which they claim are required to access freelance work from Hyve. Please be advised that both of these are scams and, if you are contacted by persons claiming to be from Hyve on either platform, you are advised not to respond. We are taking action to address these issues.

Hyve bank account details

A message to all customers:
Given our recent rebranding to Hyve Group plc there is a small chance for attempted fraud. If you receive a request for payment that you are unsure of, we would urge you to check this with any payment details you already have on file, as our bank account numbers have not changed – only the name has changed.
Should you receive any communications in future suggesting that Hyve’s bank account details in the UK have changed, please contact us by calling the main switchboard on +44 (0) 20 7596 5000 and asking for the Finance Department, who will advise you if this is correct.
We look forward to continuing working with you.

Third Party Databases

At Hyve we take data protection very seriously. We are aware of a number of companies who claim to be connected to Hyve events in order to attempt to sell visitor, exhibitor or partner databases. Please be aware that these companies are not affiliated with Hyve. Data purported to be held by them has not been provided by Hyve.

Unofficial Booking Agents

We are aware that, each season, a number of companies attempt to contact our exhibitors and visitors claiming to be working with our shows to offer hotel & travel deals.

In the majority of casess these companies are NOT partners of Hyve and we cannot endorse their use. We are unable to verify the authenticity of these travel and accommodation offers, so please avoid contact with these types of companies.

Official travel partners for each of our events will be listed on the event websites and within the documentation you receive as part of your participation information. If you have any concerns about the authenticity of any agency that contact you directly their status can be confirmed by contacting the event team.