A pioneering spirit

Our company has always had a pioneering spirit at its heart. In 1991, a family of entrepreneurs identified an opportunity – they would provide global brands with a chance to explore the early potential in newly emerging markets. And so, ITE Group, the provider of global trade exhibitions and conferences, was born.

Across almost three decades, this ambitious business expanded geographically, growing both organically and through acquisition, into one of the world’s leading organisers.

Unmissable events

We are on a mission to shatter the boundaries of our industry, to spark connections, empower communities, broaden horizons and ignite opportunities for millions of customers.

We create unmissable events, where customers from all corners of the globe share extraordinary moments and shape industry innovation.

Where business is personal, where meetings move markets and where today’s leaders inspire tomorrow’s.

New Business. New Brand.

Our bold new identity tells the world who we are and what we stand for. It symbolises an evolution in our DNA and a renewed focus on quality over quantity, relationships over transactions and long-term strategy over short-term action.

  • Hyve is more than a destination
    It is a brilliantly organised and engaged community, providing a meeting place that broadens horizons.

  • Hyve is a buzz of industry
    It is alive with individual missions and collective energy, united behind a shared purpose.

  • Hyve is structural perfection
    It is one of nature’s wonders, offering the most efficient use of resources and space, for the highest impact.

  • Hyve has beautiful form
    It is simple, clean and confident; every angle, every line is faultless, setting a standard for others to aspire to.

A mark of excellence

The Hyve icon symbolises premium quality, human warmth and endless ambition. When the Hyve brand mark is applied to an event, it means we are confident that this event embodies our ideals.

Revered quality

A Hyve event has the highest standards, brings out the best in others and sets the benchmark of quality across the industry. We treat every event like it is the most important.

Personal connections

A Hyve event understands the art and science of human behaviour and the value of meaningful connections. We are personally invested in every customer’s success.

Forever relevant

A Hyve event is at the forefront of industry, makes every moment count and creates unmissable experiences. We know that we are only as good as our last show.

What it means to be

A Hyve colleague

At Hyve, we thrive on building a culture of success. A Hyve colleague is curious, passionate and talented. We care deeply about our customers and strive to deliver the value they deserve.

Together, we are setting the benchmark of our industry, forming a culture centred around best practice and creating market-leading, content-driven events. Being a Hyve colleague offers opportunities to learn from some of the best and most experienced people in the business, to participate in unmissable events, work alongside some of the world’s leading companies and forge a career in an exciting and dynamic industry.

A Hyve customer

A Hyve customer is an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, a pioneer, an innovator and someone who is forever exploring opportunities, stretching industry boundaries and expanding professional horizons. We care about the success of each of our customers and strive to give them the best experience possible, with the greatest return on their investment.

Hyve customers will attend the world’s leading events, meet the people who are movin
g and shaping industries and make connections which will propel their businesses forward and last for a lifetime.


We are on a mission to spark connections, form communities, broaden horizons and enable opportunities for millions of people.


Leadership Team

Meet our experienced Leadership Team.


Our Divisions

We have over 1,500 colleagues worldwide, committed to designing and hosting more than 130 brilliant events every year across Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.