We are Hyve

At the outset of the global pandemic, Hyve launched a dedicated taskforce responsible for ensuring the safety of our customers, communities and employees worldwide. Our teams have been working with major venues, industry bodies, national health authorities and other event organisers to monitor the situation and make our events the best they can be whilst remaining safe and secure.

The health, safety and comfort of our exhibitors, visitors and colleagues has been, and continues to be, our number one priority. As our industry moves forward, Hyve is dedicated to delivering events and facilitating trade in a safe and secure way.

In light of this, we have developed our Safe & Secure standards which have been specifically designed with our customers in mind. Working at the forefront of event safety with industry organisations such as AEO and UFI, as well as with national health authorities, we have implemented all guidelines and measures into our comprehensive standards. Safe & Secure is an evolution of our already market-leading health and safety measures which now incorporate new industry standards established in light of COVID-19. We have also developed a Safe & Secure stamp to display where the new measures have been applied.

In addition to the Safe & Secure measures, Hyve events will adhere to local and national government guidance and laws, as well as venue and industry-specific requirements. More information on the specific measures being taken can be found on the individual event websites.

Bringing people together remains at the heart of what we do, and the Safe & Secure measures are designed to keep our customers and communities safe and happy whilst doing business.

These are our Safe & Secure measures:

Social Distancing, Protect and Detect, Cleaning and Hygiene, Communication.

Our Values

We are a business built on quality and consistency, and focused on delivering our vision for our customers.


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Our global team has presence across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas and operates from 13 countries across the world.