At the outset of the global pandemic, Hyve launched a dedicated taskforce responsible for ensuring the safety of our customers, communities and employees worldwide. Our teams have been working with major venues, industry bodies, national health authorities and other event organisers to monitor the situation and make our events the best they can be whilst remaining safe and secure.

The health, safety and comfort of our exhibitors, visitors and colleagues has been, and continues to be, our number one priority. As our industry moves forward, Hyve is dedicated to delivering events and facilitating trade in a safe and secure way.

In light of this, we have developed our Safe & Secure standards which have been specifically designed with our customers in mind. Working at the forefront of event safety with industry organisations such as AEO and UFI, as well as with national health authorities, we have implemented all guidelines and measures into our comprehensive standards. Safe & Secure is an evolution of our already market-leading health and safety measures which now incorporate new industry standards established in light of COVID-19. We have also developed a Safe & Secure stamp to display where the new measures have been applied.

In addition to the Safe & Secure standards, Hyve events will adhere to local and national government guidance and laws, as well as venue and industry-specific requirements. More information on the specific measures being taken can be found on the individual event websites.

Bringing people together remains at the heart of what we do, and the Safe & Secure standards are designed to keep our customers and communities safe and happy whilst doing business.

These are our Safe and Secure standards

Social Distancing

Construction Phase: We will provide enhanced guidelines to assist exhibitors and contractors in the set-up and break-down of events, tailored to each venue and location.

Meeting Areas: All rooms, including conference rooms, meeting rooms and rooms for social functions will be set up according to the social distancing guidance in place at the time of the event.

No Handshake Policy: We will request no direct contact between people in accordance with global and local government guidance at the time. We will limit printed materials such as show guides, flyers and brochures at our events and provide digital alternatives where possible.

Crowd Density: Standards will be applied across all our events to ensure that we have an appropriate number of people at the venues during each show. We have a number of measures that we can employ, including limiting the number of visitors per day, staggering admissions and making changes to the floor plan to improve visitor flow and avoid overcrowding. As always, whatever we do will be tailored to the venue and location.

Protect and Detect

Enhanced security checks: Where required by local government, we will introduce mandatory temperature checks and real name ID checks, such as those required in China.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): All visitors, exhibitors, colleagues and suppliers will be offered gloves and masks upon request if they do not have their own. Where such measures are enforced by local or national governments for use in public areas, they will be mandatory at our events. We will communicate this in advance, along with a reminder of our responsibility to keep all visitors safe by denying entry to those who are unable or unwilling to comply with all health and safety measures employed by Hyve or the venues.

Enhanced First Aid & Medical Support: This will be available across all our events, as well as dedicated quarantine areas, if required by local authorities.

Sneeze Guards: We will use physical glass or plexiglass dividers where possible, and will be providing staff with face visors or masks at busy areas including helpdesks and registration kiosks where frequent face to face interaction is expected.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Enhanced cleaning: We will work with the venues to offer an enhanced cleaning regime throughout each event.

Personal hygiene: Hand sanitisers will be made available at high traffic areas around event spaces, including entrances, catering areas and toilet facilities.


We are monitoring Covid-19 developments very closely and will communicate further updates as they relate to our events and as the situation develops.  We are committed to keeping all visitors, exhibitors, delegates, suppliers and partners safe at our events. These updates will be communicated via our websites and emails, in exhibitor manuals and exhibitor zones, and through event signage and announcements.

If you have any specific event questions, please refer to the event website and contact your customer service team. We look forward to welcoming you to our events in the future.